Start Generating A Passive Income from Home With Affiliate Marketing in Just 21 Short Days!

Can You Really Make Money In Affiliate Marketing Or Is It A Scam?


If you are like me and thousands of other skeptics out there, you are probably curious if affiliate marketing is actually for you or not. You’ve heard the stories of those internet millionaires and you are wondering if you too could reap a piece of this profitable pie.

The good news is, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about this amazing business and how to make a sustainable passive income fast.

And it all starts with CLICKBANK....

So, what is Clickbank? The simple answer is that it is a popular digital product marketplace that helps connect product owners with tons of affiliates.

What this means is if a vendor knows what they are doing, they can quickly gain traction thanks to those already established Clickbank affiliates and leverage their traffic and marketing knowledge to earn a consistent income almost effortlessly.

Now, starting with Clickbank as an affiliate is extremely easy. All you need is to get your affiliate link and promote your own product or any affiliate product to a targeted audience.

Although it is extremely easy to start, being a successful Clickbank Affiliate is not easy. That’s why most beginner affiliates will downright fail and not make a single cent out of their efforts if they go about it the wrong way.

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The Big Question: Is Clickbank Suitable and Profitable for A Beginner Like Me?

Now, to answer this question, let me break everything down into 4 simple steps that will help you understand the ‘simplicity’ of the entire process. It is important to follow these steps that are shared by the Super-affiliate who created the 21 days to profit blueprint and has multiple Clickbank best-sellers under his belt.

To avoid making the same mistake as the other 90% of the Clickbank sellers out there... we urge you to follow these steps below to the tee...  

The First Step: Setup your Clickbank account

You can skip this step if you’ve already gotten an account of your own. Otherwise, let’s begin!

First, go to, this link:
Next click on the ‘Create Account’ button that is located on the top right of your browser.

All you need to do now is to complete the form and hit the ‘Submit Account Registration’ button.

The Second Step: Locate The Link To the Perfect Product To Promote

When you have your account ready, it’s time to find a product to promote.

All you need to do is go to the marketplace by following this URL:


Once there, choose a nice niche that you are comfortable promoting on the left side of your screen. Remember, not all niches are created equal, and choosing the right ‘Hot Niche’ is KEY to getting started down a successful Clickbank journey.

Want a faster and more effective way to choose the best profitable niche possible?

You can use their Filters to sort your products. We recommend sorting the products by ‘Gravity’ so that you get to see which product is currently trending among affiliates. The higher the gravity, the more affiliates are successfully making a sale out of that product in the past 8 weeks.

But take extra care because a high gravity product also means higher competition.

Essentially, you’ll want to choose a product that is converting and not too competitive at the same time.

Another great number that you should be paying attention to is the initial$/sale metric. We recommend starting with a lower number for this metric when you are just starting as lower-priced products generally convert better. You can gradually go up as you gain more experience.

As for the Avg$/sale data, you should for a higher number. When you promote a product with a high Avg$/sale, it usually means you will get paid with a recurring commission as long as the buyer stays on the product.

Super Insider Tip: It is highly recommended to begin with a product gravity of 10-50, a

lower initial$/sale value, and a higher Avg$/sale value. Make sure the refund rate is low – at least 15% or lower.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect product to promote, all you have to do is click on the large red “PROMOTE” button to grab your Clickbank affiliate link!

The Third Step: Prepare Your Landing Page!

Your landing page is key to helping you convert your leads to your sale. Here are the top 3 must-follow ingredients that you’ll need on your Clickbank landing page!

  1. A nice bait! – Hook your audience in with a nice freebie that people in your niche want. Make sure this freebie (free report, video, webinar, course) is of tremendous value and solves their problem. 
  2. Reel them in! – Now that you have your amazing freebie, it’s time to get them to take the bait with an opt-in page. On this page, you will offer them your freebie in exchange for their email address. When they sign up, you get a lead, and they get to enjoy their freebie!
  3. When they sign up, give them what they want and redirect them to your affiliate link to ‘upsell’ them. If the product is relevant and converting, you get a good chance to acquire a sale!


Every single ingredient here is clearly explained inside our 21 days to profit blueprint. Download it, learn from it and discover our secrets to a high converting Clickbank affiliate landing page!

The Fourth Step: Send in the traffic

Now, making sales as a Clickbank vendor or affiliate isn’t complicated. The formula is to put the right offer in front of the right traffic. You’ve got your offer and your landing page. It’s now time to get more eyeballs on your offer. Promote, promote and promote!

Drive targeted traffic to your landing page. The more targeted traffic that signs up for your freebie, the higher your chance for a sale. That’s why it is important to give a valuable freebie that helps them. And if they want more, they can grab the product you are promoting to make their lives better.

However, driving traffic is not easy. Most marketers fail by sending traffic that is just ‘untargeted’. Don’t make the same mistake! You can use both FREE traffic methods or paid, but make sure you double down on your targeting if you want to see more sales.

The best place to learn how to find the best-targeted traffic for your offer is shared inside our 21 days to profit blueprint. It’s now available to download for FREE for a limited time!

Here’s where it gets interesting. Doing all the above is very tedious and can take up to months as you get tangled up with unnecessary ‘technical’ issues.

That’s why whenever people ask us if there is a better and faster way to make money with Clickbank WITHOUT any of the hassle of web building... where they can jump right in and focus on getting targeted traffic and making sales...

We’ll hand them this proven solution!

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The 2 Main Killers of Online Success...

Unfortunately, over 95% of the people who started their Clickbank business don’t succeed. And the main culprit for their failure almost always comes down to:

a) The WRONG Mindset – Mindset is key when it comes to online success. However, most people are not willing to put in the work to make things happen. They hope for the best and they give up too soon. To succeed you need to be in the right mindset. You need to understand that there is no free lunch but if you put your focus into making things work... Success is just a matter of time!

b) Using marketing strategies that just don’t work!  We’ve seen the downfall of so many Clickbank marketers over the years. They promote the wrong products; the wrong niche and they pull in the wrong traffic. They have no idea how to make their page convert and have no idea how to use the right strategy to acquire leads.  The truth is, many affiliates are making it big with Clickbank, but you’ve got to do the right things... and pull the right traffic or kiss your success goodbye!

“Want to avoid all the other ‘Crucial’ mistakes that beginner Clickbank marketers tend to make?” Good... grab our 21 days to profit blueprint for FREE before it gets pulled out for good.

It’s true... real people are making good money online with our Clickbank strategies. There’s work involved, but the income is legit and once you get the ball rolling, you’ll be able to earn a nice passive income over and over again.

Check out these amazing testimonials we get from real people just like you!

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==> Click Here Now and Download Your FREE 21 Days to Profit Blueprint and Get Your Own Ready-Made Sales Funnel from A $60 Million Dollar Super Star Affiliate.

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This blueprint – IF CORRECTLY APPLIED – will enable you to bring in routine, monthly income

While this blueprint outlines a uniquely profitable business model, it won’t yield you any results unless you apply yourself. No business can work without persistent, dedicated, hard work.

To anyone looking for a get rich quick pipe-dream: this is probably not the right guide for you. If you’re not willing to apply yourself persistently throughout the duration of your business’s launch then you aren't likely to see any results.

Let's face it... get rich quick schemes don't really result in long term wealth. Sure they sound great, but ultimately it takes providing value to the market in order to build a profitable business.

And of course it takes time, energy & resources building up a business like that.

This blueprint is for those who are willing to take action and provide value to your customers. Because building a business takes effort, persistence & time...

But for those willing to sweat, those who are willing to actually work on growing their business consistently , this blueprint will be very valuable for you.

Most new entrepreneurs are in the dark. They float around the Internet, trying a new model every single week, hoping that something will eventually take off.

This blueprint is a specifically designed by our team after $60 million in online sales. Our years of research, experience, and expertise have allowed us to engineer a step by step plan, that when correctly used, can bring profitability.

It is based on the business model where you sell information products in the form of courses, training, ebooks, audio books, etc... The trick here is to know 2 things: 1 - What topics to cover & how to create your products. and... 2 - How to actually sell these things once they're created. Our 21 Days To Profit Model helps you solve both of these critical issues for you.

I must emphasize again that this isn’t the right guide for you if you’re looking to “get rich quick”. This blueprint is designed for you to build a real business, not some overnight easy money machine.

There is no such thing as “easy money”. Yes, some businesses are easier to launch than others, but there is no easy way to scale any business to a level where you will find any meaningful amount of wealth.

In order to find real wealth in business, you need to put in consistent effort, take risks, and make the right decisions if you want a business to be successful, the business model covered by the blueprint is no different.